Friday, April 2, 2010

Recipe Update - Tiramisu Cupcakes

Another recipe has been added to a prior post. Tiramisu Cupcakes. This is one of the few recipes from Martha Stewart's cupcake book that I actually like and it worked. Most have not from what I have discovered through making them. There are many tiramisu cupcake recipes online and I think next time I make them I will try a different one. There are a lot of steps involved with this one and although they were really good, the mascarpone frosting had a lot to do with it, I think the same flavors can be achieved with less steps. I love tiramisu so I will have to try these again soon. Enjoy!


  1. so you are not a fan of most of the cupcakes in the Martha Stewart cookbook? I was just asking because I have only tried one recipe so far and it was bland and DRY. It was the brown sugar pound cakes and I would never make them again. Well, I also tried an adapted version of the Lemon Meringue cupcakes I found on a website but didn't try them as they were for someone else. I guess I just trust that Martha Stewart = good! What recipes have you tried and what have you not liked about them?

  2. Thanks for the review on that cupcake...I have had it dog-earded in my book for a while!
    They sure do look pertty!