Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm here..I'm here...

Hi. I had a comment asking me if I wasn' t blogging anymore. But I am!  I am just SO BEHIND. Two kids under two has me so busy by the time I sit down at night to blog I usually pass out from sheer exhaustion!  I have been baking and taking pictures but haven't had the time to edit my photos and post blogs. But. I made a promise to myself NO baking in the month of July just so I can blog all that I have made. I am getting new photo editing and watermarking software so its quicker. That's what takes the longest and I know I don't have to post tons of pics, and some of my latest creations I haven't taken a ton of process pics, but I still like to post lots of pictures. So I promise I will be posting lots soon, fun new recipes, some things I should have blogged about a while ago and the birthday cakes I am working on for my baby's 1st birthday tomorrow! 

Thanks for hanging in there I promise lots of goodies soon!