Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gerbera Daisy Cupcake

Along with the Hello Kitty Cupcake I made and just posted about, I also made a cupcake for my friend that I was going to be seeing the past weekend that was in her favorite colors. I chose to make a red daisy sitting on top of turquoise frosting. Partially because I got new PME Gerbera daisy cutters and I had seen this GORGEOUS gerbera daisy cupcake on Flickr and wanted to try and copy it. I had seen the daisy tutorial on the blog, Sweetopia, a while back when I was looking at daisy cupcakes and followed along step by step. Worked out great!

I added in a few smaller pieces of fondant around the daisy denter so I had 3 layers of daisies cut out plus the little pieces and the center white part. I dusted with pixie disco dust. The only frosting I had left was cream cheese frosting and I wasn't totally sure what happened to the consistency when I added in the gel color but it thinned it a bit. So it was super soft when I piped it. I tried to fridge it to set it up but then thought if it set up too much I wouldn't be able to set the flower on it. So I plopped the flower on top of the frosting and chilled and hoped that the frosting would set and the daisy wouldn't soften. Worked out perfectly!!

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