Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hello Kitty Cupcake

A good friend of mine is a HUGE hello kitty fan and had sent me an email with the word "PERFECTION" in the subject line and this picture of a Hello Kitty Cupcake. I KNEW right then and there I had to try to copy it for her. I was leaving for a mini vacation for Seattle to meet up with her for a figure competition and had made other goodies for her but I wanted to make a couple special, "good luck" cupcakes. So I had made a batch of my chocolate cupcakes, the same recipe I used HERE and made a couple special cupcakes with them.

 I only made one Hello Kitty one since I was first pressed for time, and second had only saved two of the cupcakes unfrosted for my special decorated ones. Unfortunately I didn't take any step by step pics but here is the cupcake

I think it came out pretty cute. First I frosted with leftover buttercream to create a small dome for under the cupcake and chilled to set it a bit while I made the fondant parts. I used white fondant, which I am discovering is practically impossible to keep completely white. As I rolled out on my silicon mat I noticed little flecks of dust. I was so annoyed. I cleaned all my fondant tools and silicon mat very carefully and still got dust in it. I had told my friend when I gave her the cupcake that this was more for looks than eating she was ok with that. It had been out for a while anyway once it got to her. So this was more for decoration than eating. I used my small 5 petal flower cutter for the flower and just rolled a small ball of fondant for the yellow inside. I used my small gum paste leaf/ rose petal cutter for the ears and painted on the eyes and nose with Wilton gel food colors and a thin brush. My friend was really happy to see that I had made this for her!!