Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Candy Corn Cupcakes

I LOVE October for two reasons:
I LOVE candy corn. Couldn't tell you why. Its disgusting. Tastes like sugary wax. Says its made with "all natural honey" whatever. I like it and I eat a bag or so once a year. I am glad its not out any other time of year. I don't consider the other "holiday themed" candy corn to be the same confection. The real stuff is by Brachs and is yellow orange and white.

I baked a basic vanilla cupcake recipe that I have been trying to make for a while. I am still trying to find that perfect vanilla cupcake recipe from scratch. Still a work in progress. Not quite satisfied with the crumb and moistness of the cupcake. I will find my perfect recipe one day...

I made the basic fluffy vanilla frosting recipe and added in meringue powder. A tip from a friend that learned it in cake deco class. It adds stability to the frosting and we all like stability especially when piping frosting. I colored the frostings orange and yellow
Using my Wilton 1M tip I did a large swirl of yellow then the orange and a small dollop of white to match the candy corns. I of course added a candy corn to the top.
I was goofing around the night before I frosted these and used the last of my cream cheese frosting and frosted two of my lopsided cupcakes. Added a few candy corns as a decor. So yummy

Triple Apple Cupcakes

Triple Apple cupcakes

I got these silly cupcake pedestals and decided to take a few pics with a cupcake on them. I like them but they don't really serve much purpose. Maybe just for photo ops. And why not put a cupcake up on a pedestal?

First I made the apple cupcake. I used apple cider for the liquid, apple sauce instead of oil I peeled and shredded an apple and added in apple pie spice

They smelled amazing. I also made an apple fluff filling and I forgot to take a picture of them filled

I had leftover cream cheese from the cream cheese frosting I had made for the pumpkin spice cupcakes and I wasn't about to let it go to waste. Besides who doesn't love cream cheese frosting. I played around with my Wilton 1M tip and did different looks with the frosting. Not just the typical swirl

And of course my husband asked for a giant glob of frosting and so I did and served it to him on the pedestal.

Skateboard cupcakes

Skateboard cupcakes

A friend of mine asked me to make cupcakes for her step son's 11th birthday and the theme was skateboards. His favorite colors are red and black. I found an idea online and made mine smiliar but not exact

Once I had made the red frosting and it turned out SO RED I decided for the chocolate to leave it chocolate and not color it black. The liners were red foil for the vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting and black liners for the chocolate cupcakes with red colored vanilla frosting

I made fondant letters and numbers for the "Happy Birthday Kyle" and the 11's and the rest were circles meant to look like skateboard wheels. I found mini skateboards on Oriental Tradin co online. Gotta love that site they have everything

I think they turned out pretty cute - although I don't think I would ever hear an 11 year old boy say "cute" but he seemed pretty happy when he saw these