Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Candy Corn Cupcakes

I LOVE October for two reasons:
I LOVE candy corn. Couldn't tell you why. Its disgusting. Tastes like sugary wax. Says its made with "all natural honey" whatever. I like it and I eat a bag or so once a year. I am glad its not out any other time of year. I don't consider the other "holiday themed" candy corn to be the same confection. The real stuff is by Brachs and is yellow orange and white.

I baked a basic vanilla cupcake recipe that I have been trying to make for a while. I am still trying to find that perfect vanilla cupcake recipe from scratch. Still a work in progress. Not quite satisfied with the crumb and moistness of the cupcake. I will find my perfect recipe one day...

I made the basic fluffy vanilla frosting recipe and added in meringue powder. A tip from a friend that learned it in cake deco class. It adds stability to the frosting and we all like stability especially when piping frosting. I colored the frostings orange and yellow
Using my Wilton 1M tip I did a large swirl of yellow then the orange and a small dollop of white to match the candy corns. I of course added a candy corn to the top.
I was goofing around the night before I frosted these and used the last of my cream cheese frosting and frosted two of my lopsided cupcakes. Added a few candy corns as a decor. So yummy


  1. These are so adorable. And don't worry...I too heart the Candy Corn ;-)

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