Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Triple Apple Cupcakes

Triple Apple cupcakes

I got these silly cupcake pedestals and decided to take a few pics with a cupcake on them. I like them but they don't really serve much purpose. Maybe just for photo ops. And why not put a cupcake up on a pedestal?

First I made the apple cupcake. I used apple cider for the liquid, apple sauce instead of oil I peeled and shredded an apple and added in apple pie spice

They smelled amazing. I also made an apple fluff filling and I forgot to take a picture of them filled

I had leftover cream cheese from the cream cheese frosting I had made for the pumpkin spice cupcakes and I wasn't about to let it go to waste. Besides who doesn't love cream cheese frosting. I played around with my Wilton 1M tip and did different looks with the frosting. Not just the typical swirl

And of course my husband asked for a giant glob of frosting and so I did and served it to him on the pedestal.

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