Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day Gift

I am not usually one for what I call "Hallmark" holidays. The ones that revolve around basically saying you get one day a year to be recognized or loved when in actuality every day should be like that. But hey they make cards and candy for these holidays and people buy it up like there's no tomorrow. My husband and I usually don't get each other anything for Valentines or mothers or fathers day or arbor day or fourth of July or bastille day... you get the idea. Maaayybe a card. But not usually. This year he totally surprised me with a gift. Totally unexpected. What does this have to do with a cupcake blog? Getting to it. ha ha. So I know its a little sappy and romantic but I was a little teary reading his card to me and ( ok so I am 8 months pregnant with our second daughter and I can blame the emotions on exhaustion and hormones.. ha ha ha) when I saw that he got me a new cake book I was so surprised!

I have Warren Brown's first book, Cakelove, which I LOVE, and I think he is a baking genius and have had much success with all the recipes I have made so far out of that book with many more to try, so when I first looked at all the recipes in this book I can tell you know my list of goodies to bake just got A LOT bigger. This book is fabulous!
So thanks to my awesome husband for surprising me and making me feel like I am doing a great job as what he likes to call me " baby mama"

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