Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sunflower Cupcakes

This year we decided to plant sunflowers in our garden. I thought, "oh how pretty I love sunflowers" Little did I know that we were going for world record sized sunflowers. They grew and grew and grew. One is over 10 feet in height. Amazing
So when they finally started to bloom and open I was excited to see how big and pretty they got and was instantly inspired to try making some sunflower cupcakes

The cake is the dark chocolate cupcake ( the same ones I made for the dark chocolate peanut butter ones) and I had leftover IMBC from the pineapple cakes that was already dyed green and yellow. I used my Wilton leaf tips 68 and 71 for the leaves and the petals

For the centers I sprinkled in some chocolate jimmies.
I think they came out pretty good.

This is the flower on our 10 foot plant. Look at all the pollen on the leaves. These put a huge smile on my face. Sunflowers are just so happy. And we have some seriously happy honeybees in our yard right now because of these!

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