Monday, August 24, 2009

Pineapple Cakes

I have been seriously MIA from my blog. These past few weeks have been CRAZY to say the least. I have been baking and I forgot to take pics of some of the things I have baked. I made some awesome zucchini banana muffins with fresh zucchini from our garden but since this is a cupcake blog ( for the most part) I decided that those were WAAYYYY to healthy to post. And I also baked some killer oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for a friend but I lost those pics. Boo.

On to why I was so busy. It was my daughters first birthday! Her nickname was "Pineapple" when I was pregnant so I had to have a pineapple themed party. And I had to do a pineapple cake. I was just going to make her a mini cake and make a larger one for the rest of the party goers but I got an idea in my head to make an upright cake and make it look like the cool Maui Gold spiky pineapples. I made a bigger cake from the Wilton pineapple shaped pan and I have this really cuet cast iron pan that makes 6 mini pineapple shaped cakes - meant for pineapple upside down. So my original idea was for 6 minis. So what I did instead was frost the minis together with IMBC ( Italian meringue buttercream) and then cover with green and pipe light and medium yellow blobs all over to make it look pineappley. I made the leaves/topper out of gum paste I dyed green to match. I think it came out great. I decorated the rest of the cakes the same way. The actual cake was a pineapple cake recipe I found online and the BIG cake had a layer of buttercream and pineapple curd I made from scratch. The cake itself was tasty and not too sweet. I LOVE italian meringue buttercream. It is more buttery than sugary. I don't like the too sugary frostings.

She had her own mini cake to dive into

The table set with the cakes. And oh yeah I forgot I also made pineapple sugar cookies AND candies to go with as party favors

My kiddo after smashing her cake!


  1. nice work! Looks like little Miss K liked playing with it and eating it equally!