Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Homemade "goldfish" crackers

Being that I am an avid baker and love trying all kinds of fun recipes sweet and savory I decided to try to make my daughter a homemade goldfish style cracker. She loves her organic "cheerios" and is a cheese fiend already so why not try to make a nice cheesy cracker. I found a recipe online that seemed simple enough, not many ingredients, organic white whole wheat flour, organic extra sharp cheddar cheese, butter, water, salt, pepper. After processing the dough I chilled overnight. It was ROCK hard. So I let it sit out til it softened a little. Rolled it out with my silicon mat and new nonstick rolling pin ( which I LOVE) and cut out little shapes with my mini fondant flower and circle cutters

I then baked til nice and crispy - about 15 min or so at 350 deg

They are really tasty. Almost like the real thing. Has a nice cheesy aroma just like you get when you open a bag of cheddar goldfish. Wish I had a small fish cookie cutter! I think I will tweak the recipe a touch. Some were softer and some crunchier. But the most important part is that my baby girl shoves them in by the handful. I guess they are a winner!!

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  1. Cute little star shapes! I want to see a pic of your little girl with them. Glad to hear that she loves them!