Saturday, August 25, 2012

Closing this blog and opening a new blog!!

I realize I haven't spent as much on this blog like I had originally planned - and I also am not making as many cupcake recipes and I really miss blogging. I want to expand my blog.  I bake all kinds of things, make healthy recipes, fun crafty stuff for my house and kids ( hello Pinterest addiction)  and other fun things, so I have decided to close this blog and start a new one. It is still under construction, since Blogger has changed so many things in building, designing and posting a blog that I am having to learn how to blog all over again. I am not terrible computer savvy and don't know HTML at all. Quite a challenge teaching myself through online tutorials that I come across. So bear with me I hope to have it up and running soon. And I will have all the recipes from this blog with pictures on my new one.

This is the new blog  Pineapple and Coconut  So check it soon, sign up to follow and I am hoping my new blog "home" will be even better than this one!


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